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Fire Puppy, original artwork


“I know I’ve stumbled across their proper name at some point, but I can’t remember it. Wysh just calls them the little fire puppies… when she’s feeling generous. I’d rather not repeat what she calls them when she’s in one of her foul tempers.

I honestly don’t know what she has against them. They’re the sweetest creatures, and useful too, in a pinch. If you can find one when you’ve lost your way, they’ll guide you back to the path in exchange for a flame. But then again, Wysh would hold a grudge against a tree if it creaked too loudly while she was trying to nap. She’s temperamental that way. Maybe one of them accidentally set her tail alight. They can get excitable around Dragondogs.” — excerpt from Hero’s journal

Gouache paint
Canson XL watercolor paper

Paper Dimensions: 4.5x6 inches

This is an original piece of artwork by Wolf + Bear.

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