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Cosmic Brachiosaurus, fine art print

$25.00 - $60.00

Cosmic rawr!!

Choose the Cosmic Dino Trio and get any three 8x10 inch dinos for $15 off. Please indicate in a message with your order which three you would like - Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Plesiosaur, Brachiosaurus, Pterosaur, Triceratops.

We want our prints to look and feel like an original piece of artwork, and so we’ve put a lot of effort into finding the perfect paper and printing process to offer a product that gives you that experience! We use Epson Legacy Etching paper, a heavy, textured paper with a velvety surface. We print using the giclée printing process, which creates a vivid image that leaps off the paper. The end result is a product with the quality of an original, for the price of a print!

Reproduction of original artwork by Wolf + Bear

Materials: Giclée print on textured, 100% cotton, natural white, matte, archival Epson Legacy Etching, 314 gsm paper

Size: 8x10 inches

Individually signed by the artist

Please note: We are only a two person team. We process all of our own prints and hand-embellish them (if needed) at the time of order, so please be patient while we prepare your lovely little piece of artwork for shipment!