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Catnip Potion, eco sticker


We've worked hard to be able to produce our own stickers and make them as environmentally friendly as possible. We're still working on some things, but we think we're doing pretty well!
Our stickers are made of six layers:
1. Gloss finish facestock (water resistant, certified wood-based bioplastic, compostable)
2. Gloss layer adhesive (vegan and non-GMO, compostable, compatible with recycling)
3. Ink (sadly just regular old printer ink)
4. Paper sticker (100% recycled)
5. Paper layer adhesive (currently unknown - we're working on it!)
6. Release paper (non-recyclable, please reuse when possible)

Size: approx. 2x3 inches

Please note: These are not vinyl stickers, as we are trying to offer stickers that are durable but also environmentally friendly. We recommend them for indoor use or short-term outdoor use. They are splashproof but not waterproof.

Our stickers are shipped in a greeting card-sized envelope in order to keep shipping costs down and reduce our packaging waste.

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